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Missios Konstantinos - Systems - Aluminum Frames - Security Doors - Garage Doors - Carpentry - Konitsa

Our company "Missios Konstantinos" which is based in Konitsa, is active for many years in the field of construction offering you aluminum frames, plastic frames - pvc and any other aluminum construction you want for your home or business.

Having know-how, trained and responsible staff, as well as excellent quality of raw materials, we can offer you constructions of excellent quality and high aesthetics always at the most competitive prices.

Due to our many years of experience in the field, we can offer our customers all kinds of aluminum constructions such as aluminum frames, doors, windows, shutters, railings, garage doors etc. as well as plastic frames - pvc.

All the constructions we undertake correspond to the traditional beauty with the modern aesthetics, depending on the style of your building. They are unaffected by weather conditions (rainfall, high temperatures) have durability and longevity.


With ally the excellent quality of materials and components and the detail in the construction, we come to your place and offer you aluminum frames and synthetic (PVC) of our own construction. We also offer interior doors, Venetian blinds, blinds, garage doors and awnings. Our many years of experience and experience in the field of construction since 1992, seal with guarantee and safety the incomparable elegance and quality of the result.